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Kivistö Leppisaari


Inspired by the play of light through stained-glass windows, Knit Divisions is a study of creating spaces with layers of colours and soft structures. The exploration takes form in three compositions, which combine knitted fabrics and wooden frames. The three elements can all function as separate pieces of spatial dividers, but together they form an artistic installation. To illustrate how versitale the knits are, each spatial divider is also complimented with a garment from the same materials and techniques.

One of the main goals of the project is to experiment and push the knit techniques and structures further. All the works are double-faced and explore various concepts: 3-dimensionality, transparency, seamless knitting and structurality. These elements draw a link between knitted fabrics and spatial thinking.

The project is also about building a foundation for a multidiciplinary collaboration. Kivistö-Leppisaari experiments with different design methods and merges practices from the fields of fashion and architecture, to develop joint aesthetics and ideas.

Knit Divisions was launched at Milan Design Week 2018, as part of Ventura Future-exhibition.


The knits are fabricated in collaboration with TextielLab.

Woodwork by Markus Koistinen

Photography by Sofia Okkonen


Finnish Cultural Foundation
Alfred Kordelin Foundation
Aalto University